Cid-femmes - Women's and gender information and documentation centre

Cid-femmes is an independent documentation and information centre. It runs political, cultural and pedagogical projects lobbying for gender equality.

Cid-femmes houses a specialised library offering more than 28,000 books, CDs, music scores and periodicals relating to women, feminism and gender topics. Cid-femmes initiates research projects and provides support to researchers and students. The centre was founded in 1992 by a group of women, many of whom former members and activists of the women's liberation movement in Luxembourg.

The longlist contains all titles suggested by the experts. The shortlist contains the final texts.

Experts Luxembourg (pdf)
Selection process Luxembourg (pdf)
Longlist Luxembourg (pdf)
Shortlist Luxembourg


Contact: Catarina Riccabona and Kathrin Eckhart