Feminoteka was established in 2001, as a feminist information service and bookstore.

The aims of Feminoteka are:
  1. to act for the elimination of sex-based discrimination in literature, culture, arts and public life;
  2. to support and publicize women’s and gender issues, as well as feminism;
  3. to promote authors and publications devoted to broadly understood women’s issues;
  4. to promote equality of women and men;
  5. to combat violence against women;
  6. to combat sex-based discrimination;
  7. to support women’s participation in public and political life;
  8. to liquidate barriers preventing women from accessing knowledge about new technologies;
  9. to spread knowledge about new technologies among women.

Longlist Poland (pdf)
Shortlist Poland


Contact: Joanna Piotrowska, Katarzyna Nowakowska and Magdalena Dabrowska (Dabrowska works at the Institute of Culture Studies, University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin)